v0.8a released

Hi guys. How are you?

I'm releasing version 0.8a. It's the biggest update so far. We have new 752 screens, and more detailed scenes. Some have completely different outcomes that will affect the future of history. I started to include some animations in the game and I would love to hear from you what you think. If you like the animations, I can do more and even animate scenes from past updates.

I hope you enjoy it, I did my best to release it in October, so you haven't been that long without an update. It wasn't easy, but I did it.

Comment on what you think and enjoy the game.


After a busy day, Claudia has a nasty new idea. Why not a little game around the neighborhood? Is that a good idea? The next day, Rei meets Lyanna in the park and they decide to go hiking together.


  • 752 new renders (We have 2993 renders now);
  • 3 new animated scenes;
  • Fixed variable issues;
  • Full proofing, spelling corrections, script corrections, etc.


  • The album with all 2993 HD images (Patrons $ 5 or more): Link 
  • XL version with the highest quality images possible (Patrons $ 10 or more): Link 

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