v0.10a released

Hey guys, how are you?

The day for the public release of the new version of the game has arrived.

I present to you the version 0.10a.

This version has fewer images than the last ones, but I brought you more animations than in all the others together. There are 13 new animations.

In addition, I was working on a few more things during that period. There are many new features:

Now Lyanna has an Instagram! This Instagram will have exclusive photos and it has direct interactions with the game. In this version, you can already see this.

Follow her. 

In addition, I also worked on a website, to have another channel of communication and communication. On the website, I made a channel of videos, wallpapers and other information about the game.

Be sure to access it. 

The news doesn't stop there. We will also have a channel on Discord from now on. I still don't know how to work with Discord, so I ask for patience, but I will try to maintain an interaction with you there. We have exclusive rooms for patreons.

Get in now. 

I hope you like the news and stay tuned because more is coming.


Lyanna and her friends decide to have an evening of fun with drinks and games. The next day, she finds out that Claudia has been updating the naughty video channel they created. And then she receives an unwanted message.


  • 540 new renders (We have 4183 renders now);
  • 13 New animated scenes;
  • Integration of the game with Lyanna's Instagram (Follow her);
  • New music, splash screen, and new main menu;
  • New website with extra content;
  • Full proofing, spelling corrections, script corrections, etc.


  • The album with all HD images and animations (Patrons $ 5 or more): Link 
  • XL version with the highest quality images possible (Patrons $ 10 or more): Link 
  • All Rewards folder (Patrons $ 10 or more): Link 
  • A website with extra content: Link 
  • Lyanna's Instagram: Link 
  • Pornhub channel: Link 
  • Discord channel: Link 

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