v0.12a released

Hey guys, how are you?

I present to you, this new version of the game.

We brought in this version a complete restructuring of the script, with optimized lines and new ways of handling variables. You will see more choices that have more impact from now on, thanks to that.

Be sure to check all lines of dialogue, but choose the paths that please you most.

The script restructure will also allow, from the next version, in addition to the release of the complete package, I will be able to release update paths. As the game is getting very big, this has been necessary for some time.

In the graphic part, completely new scenarios, again. A gas station on a remote road? A motel in the woods? A beautiful resort? All of this you will see in this version. It's the biggest update I've ever released.

I hope you enjoy the update.


Finally, the long-awaited school trip arrived. Embark with Lyanna for adventures in new places. A disastrous stop at a gas station on a remote road? A night at a motel in the woods? The exploration of an incredible resort? All this and more, in this version.


  • 671 new renders (We have 5356 renders now);
  • 9 New animated scenes;
  • Complete restructuring of the script file.
  • Integration of the game with Lyanna's Instagram (Follow her);
  • New extra content on my website;
  •  New extra content on my Discord channel
  • Full proofing, spelling corrections, script corrections, etc.


  • The album with all HD images and animations (Patrons $ 5 or more): Link
  • XL version with the highest quality images possible (Patrons $ 10 or more): Link 
  • All Rewards folder (Patrons $ 10 or more): Link
  • A website with extra content: Link 
  • Lyanna's Instagram: Link 
  • Pornhub channel: Link 
  • Discord channel: Link 

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