v0.17a released

Hey guys, how are you?

I present to you the release of Naughty Lyanna v0.17a.

It was a very troubled month, as I said in previous posts, but finally, things are back to normal.

I worked a lot on assets for this update, to try to create a beautiful, detailed, and immersive scenario for the adventures of Lyanna and her friends.

This is an update with a lot of adventure and no clothes! I hope you like it and have fun.

See you!


The girls go for a yacht ride! But they were instructed not to take any luggage, after all, where they are going, they will not need anything to wear.


  • 843 new renders (We have 9075 renders now);
  • 3 New animated scenes (We have 89 animated scenes now);
  • Integration of the game with Lyanna's Instagram (Follow her);
  • New extra content on my website;
  • New extra content on my Discord channel;
  • Full proofing, spelling corrections, script corrections, etc;
  • Improved typography.


  • A website with extra content: Link
  • Lyanna's Instagram: Link
  • Discord channel: Link

Check out the recent photoshoots:

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