Season 2 - v0.02 Patrons Release

Today I released the patrons' version of Naughty Lyanna Season 2 v0.02

The game is free and supporters gain early access and extra content. The public release will happen in five days.

You can also play Season 1 for free right now (Downloads here or on my Website)

**About the game:**

Naughty Lyanna is a visual novel based on the life of the main character. Lyanna is a beautiful girl who tries to lead a normal life. She currently lives with her father and brother, but the recent change of city puts her in situations never before imagined. She has the ambition to become a great journalist, like her father, but somehow she always gets into trouble. Don't be surprised that somehow she always ends up getting naked during adventures. Maybe she likes it, or just too unlucky.

Lyanna will meet new people and try new experiences. She will fall in love, discover fetishes, embark on adventures. Follow her story and help her make decisions.

**v0.02 Synopsis:**

After a night adventure, Lyanna returns home, and is faced with an embarrassing situation, but this time not for her. The next day, Tina, Rei and Diana try to start their days, but unexpected things happen. Meanwhile, Lyanna prepares to meet Claudia for her self-defense training...


* Play on PC, Android or MAC.

If you liked the game, consider supporting me on Patreon. In addition to early access, it has more than 10GB of extra content, with wallpapers, videos, and exclusive scenes.

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Самая лучшая игра в этом жанре и топая и моя любимая игра и разработчик сделал игру просто суперскую а лиана стала моей любимой персонажем в этом жанре   и второй сезон тоже все как всегда супер сделал а лимна секси

Большое спасибо!